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Apple iTunes & Amazon Own 80% of Paid Digital-Download Market 2010/12/22

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“After several years of explosive growth, sales of individual song downloads have slowed. With just over 1 billion tracks sold so far this year, the industry wide tally is up 0.3% from the same point in 2009, according to trade magazine Billboard.

But digital album sales continue to grow robustly, even as CD sales plummet. Sales of the discs have declined 20% this year, while digital album downloads have grown 13%, to over 75 million. (Vinyl record sales are growing at a similar rate, but with just 2.4 million sold this year, the format remains marginal from a commercial perspective.)

Ars Technica: “Amazon was so good at pushing its “Daily Deal” promotions (deeply discounted albums of hot bands) that Apple apparently felt threatened by it—an anonymous music industry exec said earlier this year that Apple was stepping up pressure on artists to
avoid Amazon’s music promotions, lest they lose their valuable marketing support from iTunes.”

Of course people using Amazon Kindles are already well-aware of vendor lock-in through encryption, so this will probably become an issue for Amazon & Apple users in the near-term through the long-term.  (crickets . . . crickets   .    .     .   still waiting)




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