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Bruce Sterling: Dead Media Beat Digital Preservation When Data Disappears 2011/08/13

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Bruce Sterling wrote this brief piece on digital decay in response to the NYTimes article “When Data Disappears” which mentioned him:
“People who think these knowledge institutions are stable need to go talk to the New Media scene in Holland. A paper book will persist alone in a dark dry closet, but you just can’t do this constant digital migration and curation without a constant budget; it’s like computing when they’ve cut your electricity. And they will cut your budget AND your electricity, because who the heck needs some dumb stack of old floppies? We’ve got emergencies, you know.

*As Stewart Brand wisely surmised many years ago,
 “The system doesn’t really work, it can’t be fixed, no one understands it,no one is in charge of it, it can’t be lived without, and it gets worse every year.” 




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