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Monkey See, Monkey Sue 2011/08/13

Posted by nydawg in Intellectual Property.
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have you ever seen something so . . . human?!

Say Banana

To follow up on a previous post, here’s another example of monkey free speech stifled by corporate self-interests.  When will people wake up and grant the same rights to monkeys as they do to corporations?  Long story short: some monkeys borrowed a camera of a professional photographer and shot portraits as good as Warhol or Cindy Sherman, and the photographer posted them online with a corporate copyright watermark.   Copyright law extends rights to the person taking the photos, but the question is: Is a monkey a person?

When I asked my lawyer friend Larry, “Larry, is a monkey a person?” He paused a moment and replied, “Yes, and they could win in a court of law if they had a good enough lawyer.”



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