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FYI: EMR = EHR 2011/08/17

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This news story from Reuters seems bizarre given known limitations (and challenges) of iPads such as no USB drives, doesn’t read or edit PowerPoints, doesn’t stream Flash video, and etc. (is there more?)

“The iPad may help electronic medical records (EMR, sometimes also referred to as electronic health records, or EHR) finally gain wide adoption, thanks in part to a new program that will see the federal government dispersing grants to doctors who make use of a free native EMR iPad app.” Here’s the article: “Electronic Medical Records Get a Boost from iPad, Federal Funding” .

So ultimately the question will be: if doctors are using portable iPads for their EMR (EHR) duties, how will they distribute the information?  Email?  Shared network?  And what will the security risks be?  And will the copy of the “record” be stored as a read/write version, and will it be shareable with other systems and, if so, in what format and what software version, etc.?!


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