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Archivists’ Toolkit + Archon = ArchivesSpace: and then they totally do it on the Cataloger’s Desktop (via Derangement and Description) 2011/08/18

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A funny comic by Rebecca from her excellent blog. Of course this is no laughing matter, as older versions of Archivists’ Toolkit and older versions of Archon may not be compatible with proposed versions of ArchivesSpace but, when there’s Mellon money involved, some believe this will be the future.

And then they totally do it on the Cataloger's Desktop Heard the news? Archivists' Toolkit and Archon are hooking up joining forces! Do add your favorite AT/Archon slash scenarios in the comments below. (Thanks to @sibylschaefer for finding me a large version of the AT logo to work with, and a big "Thanks, sort of" to everyone on Twitter who wrote about AT/Archon–I hold you responsible for the corruption of this otherwise wholesome and upstanding webcomic.) … Read More

via Derangement and Description



1. nydawg - 2011/08/18

If you’re interested or just looking for some good beach reading, check out this hot little number: “ArchivesSpace Technical Design Meeting, June 3-4, 2010: Summary Report on Technical Architecture
Prepared June 2010” http://archivesspace.org/documents/ArchivesSpace_Technical_Architecture_Report-FINAL-07302010.pdf

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