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HP Abandons WebOS Tablet, Buys Autonomy for Data Analysis 2011/08/19

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It was shocking news to hear that only a year after HP purchased Palm and their excellent multitasking webOS, HP is changing its strategy.  According to Ars Technica’s Peter Bright:

“HP has missed out on a fantastic opportunity with webOS. The company was in a position, by hook or by crook, to give webOS the kind of wide distribution that even Apple would be impressed by. It just had to spend some cash to do it. As an operating system, webOS has what it takes to be a success. The operating system’s user interface was well-received, and it has strong concepts, such as unified messaging and card-based multitasking, that rival platforms are only starting to compete with. It also had a development model familiar to millions of Web developers.”  Bright continues “So here’s what I would have done if I ran HP. I would recognize that a successful mobile and tablet platform can earn a boatload of cash. It’s a market that’s absolutely worth going after. I would recognize that with webOS I had the fundamentals of this platform, but lacked the critical mass of users that is required to create a sustainable platform.  So I would have done two things. One cheap and easy, one expensive and easy.”

Personally, I love my PalmPrePlus and its webOS never ceases to amaze me.  Seriously!  And it plays Flash videos and can run more than 30 apps simultaneously unlike the iPad iOS.  And it doesn’t have all the problems of Windows Phone / Mobile, and etc.    It’s much better than the Droid 2.2 I run on a different appliance, but . . . .  I’ve been looking at those pictures of the new hp tablet, and figure that pretty soon they’ll be selling on Woot for under $200. . . . !  But the war between flash-playing systems and HTML5 video-playing systems continues.  Read all about it in “It Didn’t Have to End This Way: what HP Should Have Done with webOS” . . .  in the meantime though, the smartphone or mobile computing world is getting a bit smaller. . . and then there were two. . . . (Apple and Droid) . . . and blackberry . . . and microsoft . . . and nokia . . . and Googorola . . .

and to put a cherry on the top of this sweet story, as the NYTimes puts it: “Hewlett-Packard is paying up big time to join the data analysis party. But one question now is whether anyone will try to spoil the festivities.  H.P.’s $11.7 billion deal for Autonomy is an enormous 64 percent premium to the British company’s Wednesday closing price. It is, according to the technology giant, the cost of changing itself into an enterprise software company.”




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