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Photo Curating Google Street View (GSV) for Kicks & Laughs 2011/08/20

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An interesting article, “Navigating the Puzzle of Google Street View ‘Authorship‘”
from Wired looks at the idea of copyright, authorship, photo licensing exhibition, distribution and curation, selection and appraisal (and cropping) by two artists using Google Street View.

from Wired

“I decided to explore how a casual observer who hasn’t spent years
thinking about authorship, photography and the nature of art and
artist may dismiss the images as obviously identical, but an art
history buff could fall down the conceptual rabbit hole lurking in
that assumption. If you’re as intrigued as I was, take the red pill
with me and read on. (Warning: No intellectual lifeguard on duty.)
Rafman’s Nine Eyes and Wolf’s A Series of Unfortunate Events are the
two most well-known and most circulated projects of the Google Street
View (GSV) ilk. Rafman continues to add images to Nine Eyes, while
Wolf has since ventured into newer sets with a geographical focus on
Paris and New York.

. . . “For traditionalists, the problem with GSV projects is one of
engagement. Documentary photographer Alan Chin, speaking of Mishka
Henner’s No Man’s Land expresses a view that can be applied to GSV
projects in general.  “Google Street View is a navigational tool, an
educational resource, and sure, it can reveal a lot about a place and
a scene at a given moment in time,” says Chin. “But if you, the
artist, are really so interested, then go there and take some pictures
yourself. Postmodern, post-structuralist, post-whatever denizens of
the art world and academia love this shit. But it has little to do
with actual reporting and actual documentary work in the field.”



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