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Back from the SAA Annual Meeting #saa11 2011/09/01

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I’m back from the annual meeting of the SAA, and I had a blast.  I had the opportunity to hear many archivists and historians opine on best practices, photographic collections, digital forensics, electronic records management and a whole lot of other interesting topics.  And I hope to write about it soon.

Before I do, though, I wanted to write briefly about something I noticed.  Last Wednesday, I had a 7:30 am flight and left brooklyn at 5:15.  The night before, I had used the MTA Trip Planner and learned that there was a G train at 5:30 connecting to the E @ 5:44 to arrive at AirTrain by 6:45.  Plenty of time to go through security and catch my 7:38 flight. . . .  But nooooooooo.

For some reason, the G train was late, and the next E train that came was running local (stopping at all stops), so the estimated 30 min. subway ride became a 60 min trek, leading to Security Check in at JFK (Jet Blue).  So I get my ticket and arrive at security at 7:10 am, and there’s about 1000000 people in front of me.  (Okay, maybe 100).   I finally made it through at around 7:30 and made a mad dash for the gate– without even time to put on my belt!  Alasl, I got there too late, and the door to the plane was closed.  The plane was still there (I was 8 mins early), but they had stopped boarding.  I asked the woman at the help desk and reserved a space on the next flight (8 hours later) and paid $40. . .. . Anyway, I learned a lesson, and blogged a couple times while there.  (something about flying suitcases)

So what did I learn?  Well, when I returned from Minneapolis, we touched down at 6:01 pm and I was home, in my apartment, at 7:31.  The E train was running express!

Well, this all got me thinking.  Maybe the MTA Trip Planner doesn’t make the connection or association that some E trains don’t run express early in the morning?   If it’s algorithm is finding outdated information, it could cause problems.  Or maybe the MTA Trip Planner should give multiple trip and time suggestions and offer a way to browse through the results, so people aren’t blue-skying their journeys to the JFK airport. . .

Okay, so I learned that I need to leave that extra 15 minutes early even when doing due diligence.   It wasn’t that bad, but it is a bit ironic that I spent eight hours waiting to take a 60 minute flight to Chicago followed by a 30 minute taxi to the gate.

One other thing I noticed was soldiers walking through airports carrying huge backpacks filled with who-knows-what.  I wonder if the military have embraced wheels on suitcases yet as per a previous post.


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