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Carnegie and Other Library Philanthropy Misrepresented by NYTimes 2011/11/09

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Leave it to the NYTimes to misrepresent Andrew Carnegie’s library philanthropy in hopes to suggest that one former Microsoft employee is even more generous. This article seems to be implying that any collection of “Dr. Seuss of Cambodia” books or unsold books of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” would also qualify as a library! In my opinion, the brilliance of Carnegie’s Library philanthropy was that it required municipalities to make a commitment and buy in, and to provide land, continued funding and books, but we all know (don’t we?) that the best libraries actually hire professional librarians.

“ONE of the legendary triumphs of philanthropy was Andrew Carnegie’s construction of more than 2,500 libraries around the world. It’s renowned as a stimulus to learning that can never be matched — except that, numerically, it has already been surpassed several times over by an American man you’ve probably never heard of.. . . “He faced one challenge after another, not only in opening libraries but also in filling them with books that kids would want to
read. ”